Bl ch 12 2018


Brad Bucknell and oHNo

Upcoming Performances:
The Cafe Blackbird, 9640-142 Street, Edmonton, AB
Ph: 780-451-8890
$10 at the door.

oHNo will be:
Brad Bucknell, voice, guitar
Mike Sabourin, drums, voice, general chatter
Michelle Rempel, violin, voice
Keith Rempel, bass
Chris Tabbert, guitar

oHNo is (on the recording):
Brad Bucknell: voice, guitars
Mike Sabourin: drums, percussion, Gonkulator, back up vocals.
Aaron Sabourin: guitars on tracks 2, 3, 4, 8, and 9.
Eddie Patterson: guitars on tracks 5, 6, 7.
Michelle Sabourin: back up vocals.
Steve Badach: bass on all tracks except
Jeremy Sagar: bass on tracks 4 and 8.
James Law: violins
Rocio Lara Cortez: background voices in “The Tourist Song.”

The Original Phlegm Tones, Geoff McMaster and Gail Sobat join Brad and Janice Sabourin as the choir on “The Tourist Song.”


All Songs by Brad Bucknell © 2013

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Not on CD: "Four Four Time"

Not on CD: "Isn't There Something You'd Like To Say"

Not on CD: Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues


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