About Us

The simple letters "OHNO" sprayed on the side of a long-empty building seemed to suggest much. So Brad Bucknell set to work again, this time writing and collecting his songs about animated cartoon characters and time.

Fortunately, he was joined by Michael Sabourin, and many others from Mike’s too-talented family. Mike played drums (all kinds of them!) on, produced, and co-mixed the CD. His daughter, Michelle Sabourin, sang on the CD and will join the live version of the oHNo band. On the CD, great good fortune brought guitar player Eddie Patterson back to the city in time to play on three tracks. Jeremy Sagar also lent his bass talents in the early stages. Aaron Sabourin gave of his guitar-playing and mastering skills. The stalwart Bach enthusiast, Steve Badach, played bass on most of the CD and will also join the live band. The little-known but greatly respected in international music circles, The Original Phlegm Tones (Gail Sobat, Janice Sabourin, and Geoff McMaster) added background vocals. Elliot Thomas, young, and very talented, will play guitar with the live band.